22 February 2006

Happy DC United Day Part 3: Cats

Happy to laze on the couch most of the day, likes food at a regular time, content to chase a ball around the house using only its feet, easily Gypsy the Catdistracted by shiny objects... yes, that's the natural state of a soccer fan. Similar to cats in that respect. So, I am happy to provide in a spirit of comraderie to RSL fans, a picture of a soccer happy cat. This is Gypsy, who as you can tell is kitted up in true DCU style with her black and white outfit accented with a hint of red from the collar. Gypsy's favorite player is Nick Rimando. Gypsy enjoys soccer, but wonders why they run around for 45 minutes at a time. She thinks MLS should institute regular bathing and naps for ten minute intervals.


At 22 February, 2006 16:20, Anonymous Matt said...

Hey...great idea for the Houston name.

Houston House Cats

No one outside of dogs dislikes house cats.

Or maybe Houston House Gatos??


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