17 February 2006

The Preseason Job Center: The Backline

My feelings on this are pretty clear, as I would like to see Namoff-Boswell-Erpen. But just because I want something to be true, doesn't mean it will be, so here's how best I can breakdown the preseason battles for the backs...

The Incumbents:

LB: Bryan Namoff (2005 regular season: 17 games played / 15 games started / 1348 minutes / 1 goal / 1 assist)
CB: Facundo Erpen (8/8/696/1/0)
RB: Brandon Prideuax (29/28/2455/0/0)

The Challengers: Bobby Boswell, David Stokes, Stephen DeRoux, John Wilson, Kenny Bertz

Analysis: There's been some discontent with the DCU backline, but it's really hard to object to their performance after losing Ryan Nelsen and Ezra Hendrickson and then allowing the lowest goal total in the league. Brandon Prideaux was the subject of trade rumors in the off season, but it was never clear how seriously anyone seemed to be taking the idea. Boswell's national team camp time should help him in the long run. John Wilson remains an option on the left side, especially if Namoff moves over to the right in the event Prideaux does get dealt. The dark horse is David Stokes, who could see snag some minutes.

Given the rule changes for yellow cards, the biggest obstacle for Boswell isn't the own-goal problem, but instead his tendency to grab a yellow for his professional fouls. Erpen's tendancy to go to the ground may also see him grab more than the expected number of cautions (he had 4 yellows in 8 games last year). While I don't see anything yet that indicates a definate shift in the typical starting 3, I can certainly see some fluidity in terms of rotational starting.

Kenny Bertz looks for all the world like a player that will see time almost exclusively in the reserves, USL friendlies, and perhaps a US Cup game in the early stages.

  1. Opening Day Starters: Namoff, Erpen, Prideuax.
  2. Rotation Starters: Namoff for Prideaux, Boswell for Erpen, Wilson for Namoff.
  3. Bench Order: Wilson and Boswell, Stokes, DeRoux.


At 17 February, 2006 18:25, Anonymous Nick said...

Wilson, Erpen, and Namoff should be the backline without a doubt. Prideaux is too slow. Stokesy, forget about it. Wouldn't even mind if we moved to a back four and slid in Boswell at sweeper.

At 20 February, 2006 17:24, Blogger David said...

Great work, D! On to the midfield! (As soon as possible, I'm really bored here.)

At 21 February, 2006 09:07, Blogger D said...

David -- Did the midfield earlier. Only got the Rimando/Perkins/Weber triangle remaining :)

At 21 February, 2006 22:16, Blogger David said...

don't ask me how i missed that. i MUST lay off the peyote during the week.


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