30 March 2006

Forward the Banner of Suds

The Free Beer Movement, and in some small way, Operation: Deflower, are both seeing the sort of non-centralized success that calls for public recognition of its bannermen. Reader Dan of the DCenters writes in to let us know that he's bringing somewhere around 30-40 people to the game on Sunday (against the corporate subsidized evil of the Red Bulls) and that tasty beverages will be enjoyed. He may even write a blog post of his own about it, and rest assured that The DCenters will link to it the moment he drops us the URL.

That's not bad, not bad at all, but John at PCK manages to get his Graduate Student Government to help underwrite a group ticket buy for Sunday, and he notes that many MLS virgins will be arriving. While he notes that we will not be providing beer to these folks, I imagine that since they are Graduate Students, the ability for them to find their own is unusually sharp. John also asks if it was okay to use Freddy on the flyer. Of course it is. Use whatever seductive techniques you must to get them in the door. They'll arrive at the stadium for Freddy, but they might leave thinking of Jaime. And even if it is still a crush on Freddy, that's fine with me. He's MLS's, at least for now.

So, if you have a happy hour tonight or tomorrow, lift a glass to John and Dan. To Beer!

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