28 March 2006

ESPN: Expect Something with Piotr Nowak

Ives Galarcep has his preview of DC United up on ESPN's Soccernet right now (and a paragraph from Eric Wynalda, in which he says something). Read the entire thing, and tell me where you think Ives would predict DC to finish. Because he doesn't say. Honestly, I think that's the right choice. DC could be the top player in the east, it could be "third-best" team, it might even finish out of the playoffs. Ives doesn't know. Neither do I. But I think there's some good analysis, especially on the "toughness" factor that is worth the read.


At 28 March, 2006 18:22, Anonymous Matt said...

I just read it...really good analysis.

And..ditto on your take for where DC finishes. I could see us win the supporter's shield (hey..no WC absences) or get 5th/6th place in the east.

Only thing I'm sure of is that we'll be better than Chivas and RSL


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