02 March 2006

Ooooohhhh! A Game! On TV!

Forget the old news of USA vs. Poland (for some reason my Tivo decided to grab the Telemundo version, not the ESPN2 version...odd). Today at 1:30 we get DC United at Getafe. The match is being shown on Comcast SportsNet (which between this and Brunch with DC United has earned some very major credit points with me) and also will be broadcast on DCUnited.Com. For those of you with TiVo aspriations, note that you'll have to manually set this one, as the programming grid does not seem to have updated for it. And my apologies for being late on this.


At 02 March, 2006 12:48, Anonymous Matt said...

Interesting opponent..Getafe..in light of the amount of black players that DC has...and the recent events involving PN....

Read Phil Ball's article in ESPN Soccernet titled "It isn't rocket science" on the Eto'o incident where he almost walked off the pitch vs. Zaragoza.

Ball names the worst offenders in Spain of racial incidents among fans yelling insults at players. Getafe is one of 4 that he lists.

Not sure DC should be playing this match..provided that Phil Ball's info is accurate of course...


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