24 February 2006

A Soccer Team Returns

Sure, San Jose fans thought they had it bad, until they remembered it isn't like their entire league disappeared. So chin-up folks, because I-66 at DC Sports shows that some soccer teams do come back. For myself, I am thrilled about this, but now I am presented with a strange conundrum: Do I root for the Washington Freedom, or for Northern Virginia's Majestics? Tough one... But hey, at least it's a derby of our very own (June 28 and July 16 seem to be the two dates where those teams will face one another). See, some times they break your heart but they come back again.


At 24 February, 2006 11:27, Blogger Matt W said...

That's great news, but if the Freedom are going to be based in Germantown, shouldn't they be the Maryland Freedom?

Painful segue here to something totally off-topic, but wanted to point you to this exchange on the naming of Houston 1836: The Corner vs. Tapped. I say they're both wrong: MLS is right to change the name (and should have put more thought into it beforehand) but Hispanics aren't "the primary market" for any team other than Chivas. Something tells me neither commentator is much of a soccer fan.


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