13 March 2006

Pre-Season Form

DC United is in for a quiet week, being back from Spain and then heading down to the Carolinas next week. Which means at some point, there's going to be something to happen, and everyone will go crazy. Until then, a few notes from around this lovely soccer world.

THE DAWG IS BACK, AND DRINKING THE BULL: Maradawga returns from a brief hiatus and comes out fighting in support of the Red Bull deal. This is interesting since I know that the Dawg was a Metros supporter, which means that team loyalties do not dictate reaction to this deal. I mean, The Metrologist and Joe are a NY/DC combo against the plan. Dawg and I form the NY/DC combo supporting the deal. If William F. Buckley were around, he'd get Michael Kinsley to moderate a debate between us. With pistols.(Also, Joe manages to piss me off by writing his parody of the Alexi Lalas video before I managed to get mine into print. The fact that he does a better job at it than I would have has no bearing on this matter.)

IS INVESTIGATION IN HOSPITAL? We haven't yet heard word from MLS on the Nowak/Ellinger/Harris RSL/DCU investigation. And I've been watching. Now, while DC United was in Spain it might have been difficult for the league to interview everyone they wanted. However, anyone the league wants is available to them now. Will we get a word by Friday?

SE PODCAST #3: The 3rd Screaming Eagles podcast was pushed to me over the weekend. It makes nice commute listening, and it's good to hear the interview they've been conducting with Coach Simpson. Someone really should be working on an MLS wide version of one of these. I would do it myself if I had any idea of how.