09 March 2006

Red: The Color of Desire

Black: The Color of Despair

While I've not endorsed the call for league-wide panic, I have no problem with team-wide resistence. So I commend to you The Metrologist's attempt to rally la resistence and further reading at The Kin Of Fish. Fans of the Metros, who will always call yourselves "Fans of Metros", if the past 10 years can't discourage your spirit, then I am sure this will not either, and you shall fight and inspire us with your spirit. Bonne chance.


At 09 March, 2006 12:52, Blogger I-66 said...

All I have to say, as a DC United fan, about "Red Bull New York" is this:

Barra Brava are going to have a LOT of fun with chants for that one...

At 09 March, 2006 14:24, Anonymous CPC said...

I have no problem with a team being formally called one thing, and having a different nickname. Some people on BS are freaking out because they don’t know how to refer to the team. It takes time people…It seems like the FO will refer to the squad as the Red Bulls. Let the supporters become familiar and comfortable before dismissing this whole acquisition as affront to soccer and sports in this country. I think the most interesting will be how the telecasters call the game. Will it be, 1) “Red Bull loses another heartbreaker to United”; 2) “I can’t believe the New York defense allowed Jaime Moreno to score a hat-trick!”; or 3) “Can the Red Bulls rally back in the second half against DC down 3:0 at the half?” We shall see on April 2nd.


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