09 March 2006

The Amazing Rimando Will Now Mystify You With Feats of Magic. And Hands of Magic.


Quick note on the pretty good interview with Nick Rimando over at MLS Net. Yes, he leads DC United stats categories, but consider that we're only counting time in a black uniform there. Imagine if Scott Garlick had stayed with the team for his career. Yeah. Still, kudos for asking Rimando straight away about the competition between him and Perkins. My only quibble (and it is a small one) with Rimando's answer is that it ain't the media calling for Troy Perkins, but the smarks, if you will.

Kudos for SoccerTimes getting a clarification on why Marco Etcheverry isn't eligible for the Hall of Fame induction (Clarification [see comments]: Etch is only not eligible this year, but will be eligible next year.):

Midfield great Marco Etcheverry, who led D.C. United to three championships in MLS's first four years and whose 101 assists are fourth most in league history, retired from American soccer in 2003. He would have been eligible for this year's ballot except he returned to his native Bolivia and played professionally for half a season, said Jack Huckel, the Hall's Director of Museum and Archives.
A question that honestly had not occurred to me, but one that I am happy to see answered.

Got some interesting comments recently, and I think I'll address them in a seperate post, as well as looking at some non-soccer bloggers' (but soccer friendly people's) opinions of the various MLS moves.


At 09 March, 2006 10:39, Anonymous Oscar said...

D, you need to clarify that Etch isn't eligible for *this* year's ballot because of that half-season. He should be eligible next season.

At 09 March, 2006 10:42, Blogger D said...

Right, right. The quote makes that clear, and I do not. Well spotted.


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