31 March 2006

Set All Values to Zero

Tomorrow, MLS Season #11 gets underway. For us in DC, its Metro areas, and its ex-urbs, the wait is a bit longer, as we must continue our American Soccer fast until Sunday. But what a feast is awaiting us on that day. If you must be tied over, you can catch The Washington Times' off-season recap, the Dallas Morning News' season preview (picks DCU as 6th overall, third in the East), ot the repackaged AP content on DC United and Freddy that hit Fox Sports and ESPN (and a thousand other sources last-night.)

Also, I'm a dork (or should that be Djork?), which is probably obvious given that I write a blog. So, in another peek behind the scenes, let me admit that I have a series of spreadsheets and Access tables I poke around with from time to time. And today I reset them all for the 2006 season. It's a nice feeling, like plunging into a new snowfall, or paying off a credit card bill so that there's no remaining balance. Of course, given that I just bought my DCU tickets today (yes, as late as that) I imagine that the credit card bill payoff will wait for a bit.

Ahhhh... zeroes, lovely zeroes. Anything can replace them now.