22 April 2006

The Carnival of American Soccer #1

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Step right up as we enter into the Carnival of American Soccer. A Carnival of delights so diverse that we do not have one big top, but rather two. Yes, it takes two large tents for us to show you the best of the blog, the cream of the keyboard, the superior sensationalists surmises on soccer! So follow me, as we delve through the carnival. Considering the Germanic nature of this year's World Cup, it is only appropriate that I invoke the words of another Master of Ceremonies when I say, "Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!"

The International Tent

With Germany fast approaching, the carnival is happy to feature many exhibits on the US National Team. Yes, we were all stunned on how the USA moved to #4 in the FIFA rankings. New blog Maryland United FC says that not only the ranking undeserved, but it also works to the USA's disadvantage. Interesting. The Atlantic Review says to forget the USA's #4 ranking, and points attention to the fact that the USA is ranked #2 in a key area entering into Germany. So what do we need to do to overtake the Swiss, I wonder?

Matt Matros looks at the fallout from the Jamaica draw, and he sees a line-up taking shape for The Bruce. He's also unafraid of the trend and conventional wisdom, so at least one name that many thought might have pushed its way into consideration doesn't make it for him.

The World Cup Ticket scandal is still being watched by Record As I Am, who is also making an offer to the entire world: Want to play in a World Cup fantasy league?

Finally, Bruce's Belly thinks of International Play, and says forget the debate over turf vs. grass, there's a perfect surface we can all agree on.

Domestic Tent

Ever see someone write "Well, we all know the problems with MLS, but..." For those of you that have actually wanted someone to spell out the situation, Psuedo Corner Kick gives you a great primer on Major League Stupidity. DCSunDevil agrees with many of those complaints, and offers his views on how to strengthen professional soccer. Still, Because I Can says there's much to love about our homegrown soccer.

The DCenters looks at MLS soccer, tries to reduce it to a computer model, and fails miserably. Yes, that's a post where someone does math at you.

One of my favorite posts that was submitted for this Carnival is also from Because I Can and is a simple post that I think neatly captures the love some of us have for our teams. It's just a list of some of his favorite DC United items that he owns, and the description of getting the Bobbleheads is great. If MLS has fan like these all over, good times are coming.

So thank you for joining me for the First Carnival of American Soccer. I hope that a Second Carnival will happen at some other outpost of the blogosphere, and to all out there, I hope our first touch doesn't let you down.


At 22 April, 2006 18:07, Blogger rwhgeek said...

Have you thought of posting this on a board on BigSoccer? Don't know which one since we are all over the place but soccer geeks with nothing better to do might check it out. Good job and thanks for putting it together.


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