19 April 2006


FOOT, FOOT, FOOT, GROIN, GROIN: Steve Goff updates the United injury report. In short? Rimando - Might be a backup on Saturday. Eskandarian - Working through foot problem. Simms - ditto. Namoff - depends on whether he chooses the knife or not. Quaranta - no update.

DCIST WATCH: Last year, the hipsters over at DCist promised that new and better United coverage was coming. This year, we've had one season preview, a decent game recap for the opener, and the rest is silence (well, I think there was a brief line about Quaranta missing a game.) The reason this frusturates me? DC United is a great place for a district focused news site that wishes to serve the under-served to make a difference. This should be in their wheelhouse! And sadly, right now The Express has better coverage of United, and they just recycle AP stories. If they need correspondents, perhaps they might consider I-66, DC Sun Devil, Soccaplaya, or any of the other local folks that dig the black and red. (Sorry MLSFangirl, but as soon as you make it back to DC I'll put in a word for you.)


At 19 April, 2006 13:15, Blogger I-66 said...

Shelving my personal opinions of certain DCist writers, I do think more coverage is in order.


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