20 April 2006

Reminder! Carnival of American Soccer! Deadline Tomorrow!

The Carnival of American Soccer #1 is starting to get submissions (a few from places I didn't even know existed, which is very cool). I have two or three people that have submitted links to posts that they would like to be part of the Carnival, and I hope to have more. If we can get 11 links from different soccer bloggers, I would be very happy.

For those curious what will happen, you send me a URL to a post you've written on American Soccer, in any of its forms. On Saturday, I will have a post containing all of those links and a quick write-up on each. For readers, hopefully you'll find a set of interesting articles that you might not have otherwise read because you don't constantly scan soccer blogs. This gives you a chance to read what some writers consider their best, or at least, their somewhat interesting. For writers, I hope to give you a chance to showcase your talents, and drive some people to check out your site. For future hosts, you get the beauty of having a bunch of people visit your blog to check things out.

Again, if you want to contribute, just send an e-mail to me (thedcenters[at]gmail[dot]com) containing the permanent link to a post you think people might find interesting. I've gotten a few volunteers for some future hosts, and will announce the name of the next host on Saturday.