25 April 2006

Pride in the Name of Bull

What a day to be buried in actual employment stuff. Anyways, today deserves more insightful commentary, but instead you're going to get some quick hits.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK, COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR - Alecko Eskandarian is your player of the week, a deserved honor. Yes, I know that I picked Brian Carroll as my Man of the Match, but no defensive midfielder is going to get the PotW award from a guy with two goals just because he helped dominate midfield posession. That's the way of it. So, congratulations Eski, and I hope DCU kicks in a bonus for the award, which can then be promptly used for when the team, or the league, fines you.

FACUNDO ERPEN CAN WIN GOAL OF THE WEEK - ...because there's no nominee from Real Salt Lake, which means the ballot box won't be stuffed by the Loyalists. Yes, Eski (complete with spit take image) is also nominated, but for a pure goal you have to go with Facundo (who currently has two-thirds of all votes).

DCU ALL-TIME BEST XI ANNOUNCED - And it is jam-packed with goodness. I certainly can't say it is wrong (although you may remember I picked Garlick over Rimando) as DCU had enough people for two great teams on that list. So whomever won would be worthy, and it is a shame there just wasn't more room for a game of 14 on 14.

DCist WATCH - DCist covers DC United in their weekend sports round-up, and promptly links to this very blog. Wow. Hooray for local coverage, but we're going to see if we get a game preview ahead of FC Dallas. If we do, the DCist watch will be called off, and I will buy Kyle Guftason a DCU scarf.

There's so much more to talk about, including the fact that it is time to do a "Where are we now?" in the season type review, but I ain't got the time. Unless things get less busy around here. In which case, I will be back.


At 25 April, 2006 14:53, Blogger opchuck said...

I agree with you. It is an excellent lineup that balances the current team with earlier stars. I am not certain if you could name the next 10. I would be interested in seeing who you would name to that 10. Watching the Real Salt Lake game on Saturday night with a defensive unit that was 75% former DC United players, was not a pretty sight.

At 25 April, 2006 16:01, Blogger D said...

For the next group, you could do...

Sanneh - Talley - Petke - Namoff
Carroll - Stewart - Convey - Maessner
Lassiter - Rammel

Admittedly, not quite as strong as the announced XI, and bit unbalanced on the left, but I think one person from each level of that team could have been at home quite nicely in the First XI (Specifically: Garlick / Talley / Steward / Lassiter)

Damn we've had some good people play here.

At 25 April, 2006 20:02, Blogger opchuck said...

At second level I would probably place Prideaux instead of Talley. I had forgotten Sanneh, Stewart, Lassiter, and Rammel.They clearly belong. Ten years is a long time with all of the roster changes. Do you know how many total personnel have been on the roster? I think that Clint Peay or Stoichkov ought to be considered before current players. Maybe some players like Bobby Convey don't resonate with me because the team was in the doldrums when they were here.

At 26 April, 2006 10:54, Blogger Bill-DC said...

Where is the love for Mike Slivinski?


At 26 April, 2006 11:03, Blogger D said...

Bill: Isn't that like asking "Where's the love for Gazza?" after his trial here? Okay, maybe not...


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