26 April 2006

A Quick Guide to Goodness

Working on a longer post, but a few quick guides to some good content that is out there. First, the blogroll has been updated once again, so please welcome DC Sun Devil (for the moment, I'm calling it an international blog, since he seems to have a global focus, but that may change, who knows?) and a regional blog dedicated to DC United, University of Maryland, and my beloved Spurs at Maryland United FC.

The Screaming Eagles podcast Episode 8 is up, and definately worth your listen.

Maradawga is apparently vying with Tim Froh to win the "it's quality, not quantity" soccer blogging award, as his Five and Five column is up for Week #4. It's a simple concept, but for someone reason I love reading it. The fact that he links over here speaks well of his judgement, even though we tend to argue about MLS.

The All American XI for Week #4 is out, and DC United is heavily represented. To the point where some people are a bit annoyed with it. But, given the fact that DCU dominated in the nationally televised game, it sort of makes sense. Personally, I can't believe I was actually campaigning for Prideaux two week in a row, what a strange world this is...