20 May 2006

Negotiate / Mediate

NEGOTIATE 1: The DCenters may have a blog bet riding on tonight's game with MLS News and Views. Negotiations are being carried out by email, but it looks like terms similar to what we had against Real Salt Lake Blog.

NEGOTIATE 2: Steve Goff is saying that DC United is ready to announce a July 12 friendly against Celtic from the SPL. Don't think for a moment that The DCenters isn't relishing the idea.

MEDIATE: Both the aforementioned Steve Goff Washington Post article and John Haydon in the Washington Times run stories on former Crew Midfielder Dominic Mediate. From Haydon's article:

Mediate wanted to come to the D.C. area to be close to his girlfriend and his alma mater of Maryland, where he played four seasons. (He suffered a fractured cheek bone in his freshman year and a broken collarbone as a junior.)

To survive financially, Mediate commutes from Laurel to coach a boys team in Reston on Wednesdays and a girls team in Silver Spring on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How does anyone manage to have a girlfriend on $11.7K and live a life? Wow. I know the Collective Bargaining Agreement is supposedly raising the minimum salary for players in upcoming years, but really we need to do better.


At 20 May, 2006 10:38, Anonymous Oscar M. said...

Thanks for putting that inxs song in my head. I'm sure it'll be with me the rest of the day.

At 21 May, 2006 18:44, Blogger Crew Fan said...

Yes, we'll definitely have to try this again, so that I can use the post that I wrote in the event that Columbus won. :)

At 21 May, 2006 20:13, Anonymous BigKris said...

Re: Mediate's salary and having a girlfriend: Well, at least he knows she's not after him for his money!

At 21 May, 2006 22:08, Blogger D said...

Oscar - Hah! Didn't think of it, but next time I'll go for "Need you tonight"

BigKris - Very good point. She must have great patience.

At 22 May, 2006 11:59, Anonymous SE Podcast said...

I guess UM girls have changed since the days when I went there...


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