21 June 2006

One - On the Verge

LOYALTY: I'm sure that many will give Freddy grief over saying he can't root against Ghana. I'm not one of them, since I have no problem with people holding a special spot for the country of their birth or ancestry. Note that he also says he can't root against the US. That's okay with me. If he were either a member of the US team, or actively rooting for Ghana over the US, that's a different story. But saying "Hey, I like both teams" is acceptable. I say that about Ireland, but I'm not about to root for them to beat the US. That being said, when EI and US get together, I kinda want my home country to represent well. Just not to beat the Stars and Stripes / Fighting Gazelles / Belligerent Buffalos [Bison].

BELATED BIRTHDAY: To Pseudo Corner Kick. Keep at it lads, you know The DCenters loves ya. Just one question: What is a pseudo corner kick?

ANTICIPATION: Chicago Fire tonight, and to my surprise I found I had a ticket to this game. For a time, I contemplated not using it, but well, hell, Fire tonight, Ghana tomorrow, that sounds like a nice 15 hour period of soccer watching to me.


At 21 June, 2006 16:07, Anonymous SE Podcast said...

I believe a Pseudo Corner Kick is what happens when DC United attempts one.

At 21 June, 2006 18:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Adu's answer to that question was remarkably diplomatic. Perhaps scripted but still good to see.

Getting hung up at work, can't make it to the game, game isn't on TV and wife took the home laptop on a business trip... arrrggghhh!
Anyhow, go DCU!


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