28 July 2006

Dissent against Dcenters

Over at On the Pitch, there's a rather nice post about this site and some of the commentary we try to bring. Rather than let this go to our heads, we've decided that we'd seek out someone who was upset with us. So as a way of balancing the books, I present to you 116street Soccer, where Z. Ryan Jackson has a slightly different view of a topic we've written about recently. They don't name the DCenters, but given the Chivas reference (and I'm pretty sure we're one of the few places advocating Chivas USA in this matter) I bet they're talking about us. Which is fine. Like so many things, I'm not even sure that they're wrong, in so far as it doesn't directly contradict with something else I wrote. We're wrong from time to time. In fact, I should put together a "I was wrong on..." post at some point. Keeping us honest here.

Preview for RSL-DCU in a bit (I have a 50% copy in draft right now.)