26 July 2006

Stay the Course...a Thousand Points of Smoke Bombs...Stay the Course

Jack Bell at the New York Times looks at DC United's off-season moves, and thinks Hey, this "Don't Panic" strategy has worked out pretty well for them. He's right. But you already knew that. And if you really want to stretch your mind, is Piotr Nowak positioning himself for an eventual move to the USMNT (not this time, but maybe next time?) Consider all the hullabaloo about the coach needing to understand American soccer and American soccer players, and then put this quote next to it:

“I’ve found the young Americans we have are very intelligent players,” said Nowak, who will coach the M.L.S. All-Star team (which will include seven of his players) against Chelsea of England on Aug. 5 at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Ill.

Piotr is certainly honest in his opinions, but it does send out a nice little submessage of "By the way Mr. Gulati, I get it. So if things with Mr. K don't work out, or you're wondering about things for 2012, give me a call."


At 26 July, 2006 14:31, Anonymous bdr said...

Since Filomeno left, doesn't that mean that DCU has an int'l slot available to fill?

I'm not suggesting they NEED to use it right now, but your posting of the article made me think of it. And it occurs to me that I haven't seen or heard any rumors of an August signing like we have the past couple of years.


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