31 July 2006

Kinney is a DCenter

The DCenters is pleased to announce that David Kinney, a long-time commenter at DCenters, is being brought in on trial to join the DCenters staff. You may have read his public policy discussion work at Global Century, and we're happy to have him expand our writing staff here. Technically, he's coming in as a trialist, but that is more for his benefit than ours. After tip-toeing around the used pizza boxes that litter this place, he may not want to stay. Of course, since I hope he does, I might even have to clean up. Man, I'm a mess.


At 03 August, 2006 02:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A programming question... since the DCenters has tripled its blogging workforce, are there any plans to pick up a few features that were (understandably-- D has done a great job on a blog that is not his job) dropped in the past like the front office interview series and the exploration of DCU myths?



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