31 July 2006

The Value of Occasionally Staying Silent

I will make it good how you dare, with what you
dare, and when you dare. Do me right, or I will
protest your cowardice.
- Benedick, Much Ado About Nothing, Act V, Scene 1

Before we get on to the painful debrief that is the Real Salt Lake game, a quick note to say that the Lord of the Wing got in touch with us over the weekend. As you can see from his comment here, he was rather complimentary of DC's play in the Celtic friendly, and let us know that the reason he never took us up on the wager was a bit of PC trouble. Which makes us quite glad we never used the quote above after we didn't hear back from him, since that would have been embarrassing. Anyways, much credit to LOTW for taking some time to get in touch with us, and I'm glad to see Celtic open their season with a most righteous victory. I mean, to talk about honor, this is a man who is paying off on a wager he never made! Impressive. We salute you sir, and proudly add a permanent link on sidebar. Honor. Glory.

Sadly, to answer his question, the most recent defeat is the second defeat for DC this year, not the first, but more about that later. Glad to see that our side made an impression on the jaded psyche across the Atlantic Ocean. While I agree that friendlies like this really don't say much about the relative level of play between the SPL and MLS, it certainly made us feel better, didn't it? And if it made some people in Scotland and Ireland take a little note of us, well, so much the better.


At 01 August, 2006 03:56, Blogger KevinG said...

Thank you kind sir, rest assured once i work out how to post links on my site- i'm a technophobe you see- i will post a link to your fine site, which i will add is now a must read for me.

Would be intersting and a good guide if we re-played DC with our Champs League side.

The standard of the MLS will only be judged in europe when players make the move to Europe.

There has been some successes but you really need more to make the change and the performance of the American national team has done wonders for the profile for the MLS.

Anyway at work must go...

Yours in friendship


At 01 August, 2006 06:19, Blogger ianinjesi said...

Kevin has alerted his blog sheep to the wonders of DC.
I am particularly impressed with the point made about `pointless possession`, just about every team does that and if holding the ball finishes with the goalkeeper or defender kicking it upfield what is the point?
Maybe we can see DC play at Celtic Park in Glasgow, when would be a good time?
Keep the faith.


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