22 August 2006

...And Rod talked to Freddy Adu and Freddy was like "Yup, I've been there man..."

Get a sense of surprise draft pick Rod Dyachenko, who has a profile up over at The Columbian (that's Washington State, in case you're curious.) Hear how tough it is for an A-Mid to crack DC's starting line-up. Apparently, it's difficult. Hmmmm... wonder why that sounds familiar to me?


At 22 August, 2006 20:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see some home town press for Dyachenko. But the author is wrong in saying he played only 5 minutes when he finally made his debut against Columbus. That was the US Open Cup game at the Soccerplex so he played 5 minutes plus the 30 minutes of overtime. A good stretch of play and definitely not garbage time as the outcome of the game and our USOC run were in the balance.

- garbaggio


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