13 September 2006

When I hear Bog, I think of the Meadowlands

The Washington Post has a new Sports Blog written by the utterly clever Dan Steinberg: The DC Sports Bog. We've added it as a link in our "Other Sports Blogs" section, and appreciate that he even gave us a shout-out yesterday, and it's clear that he's completley aware that there is soccer in our fair city. In our defense to that shout-out, we point out that, compared to some, we were rather restrained. Somewhat. Okay, not really. Anyways, for all of you DC Post readers, do check out the fine DC, MLS, and other Soccer blogs assembled for your reading pleasure on the right.

And Dan, if you're still reading here? Cabrales. Really. Amazing stuff.

Update: I see that the SE's are making this link as well, and representing over at his comments section. Good on them.