14 October 2006

Hello New York, Let's Meet in a Week.

Courtesy of two penalties awarded, both of which were legitimate as far as I could tell, the New York Red Bulls have advanced to the MLS playoffs. Which means in a week, DC will be in New York to start the MLS Cup Campaign. Let's be clear: this is not a walk in the park. The Red Bulls have picked up their play, and most of these guys are playing for their careers since the feeling is that Bruce Arena may well clean house in the off-season. The only exception to the rule is Youri Djorkaeff, and that doesn't help DC either, since it is the last few games of his career, and his workrate in the opening 45 minutes against Kansas City was impressive for a man his age. If he keeps that up, NYRB will prove to be a formidable first round opponent. In depth analysis? Oh yes, we'll need to have that. (Note: The game's not over yet, but a 3-1 NYRB lead seems pretty good.)

Update: Okay, may have spoken too soon. Kansas City has pulled one back in the 84th. This has been an entertaining game.

Another Update: Sunday's game is officially meaningless for everyone, as New England takes out the Crew 1-0 to secure the second seed in the post season. All seeds are set, only the playoffs matter.


At 15 October, 2006 18:48, Anonymous Matt said...

i'm not even watching the dc game but don't need to...chicago are a bunch of pigs...check out the yellow card description from MLS game tracker...

CHI -- Chris Armas (caution; Professional Foul) 12
CHI -- Andy Herron (caution; Reckless Foul) 13
DC -- Brian Carroll (caution; Professional Foul) 36
CHI -- Nate Jaqua (caution; Tackle from Behind) 52
CHI -- Dasan Robinson (caution; Reckless Foul) 62
CHI -- Ivan Guerrero (caution; Tackle from Behind) 68

At 15 October, 2006 21:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is our first game on the road?

At 16 October, 2006 07:15, Anonymous matt w said...

Anonymous asked...

why is our first game on the road?

So the return leg is at home.


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