11 October 2006

Misc. America

BABY GOT CENTER BACK: Let's start with the happy news. MLS has announced (!) that Bobby Boswell is up for Bachelor of the Year in Cosmopolitan. This certainly pushed past Matt Nickell's appearence in Washingtonian as one of DC's sexiest people. Seriously, this is the team of the Sexy right now. Yes, this is major news. Even the Washington Times feels obligated to run with this one. Kali has apparently found the Facebook support organization for Boz.

Of course, the DCenters fully endorses Mr. Boswell's campaign to be certified as America's Supreme Hotness. We'd say something about giving a stump speech, but, well, this isn't Wonkette.

UPDATE - Okay, we were blocked the work filter from getting to the polling site, but thanks to an email from DC United, we can safely say GO HERE. And then, go vote.

FREDDY A-DIVE: Yes, he has a point. He doesn't get the same calls that others have gotten. But, um... he also has been known to go down a bit easy, and to NOT SHOOT WITH THE RIGHT FOOT. Still, interesting to see Piotr back Freddy up on this one. Not sure what to make of that, as it is either good for being a supportive coach, or bad since now they're feeding the paranoia about officiating. Somewhere there was an article on the amount of whining in MLS, with Ben Olsen as the third biggest whiner. Harsh? Yes, but I thought the article was fair.

"He ran like a headless cock for the entire evening, trotting to-and-from without effect.": Ouch. That was the review of DC's Robert SSejjemba (do you know I typed that without looking it up?) in his Ugandan National Team Performance. Yes, blogs have a long way to go before we start reviewing plays like that, although I'd like to give it a shot: "Landon Donovan ran around like Nathan Lane in The Birdcage during the world-cup, providing, like the movie, moments of interest that ultimately paled in comparison to the original and meatier performances of La Cages Aux Folles and Zinedine Zidane." Nah, not quite the same. We'll work on it.

SADLY: Like the commenters have already noted, RIP Mooch. You are missed already.


At 11 October, 2006 11:00, Blogger Brian said...

I checked the article about Double J and it mentioned that he looked like he unfit for the match. Hopefully due to all of his running he did and any training he does with United this week, he might be able to come on for 10 or 15 minutes for the last match and work towards full fitness for the playoffs.

Nice find btw.


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