11 October 2006

There is Stuff Other Than the Big Sexy...

There are a few items I want to talk about. The sale of DC United is one, but I think that'll hold off until it actually happens (the rumor mill is here... and even with Steve Goff saying its for real, I don't want to address it quite yet.) The other issue is MLS Attendance Figures, and their veracity (or lack thereof). I think there's a lot of silence on this issue, myself included. Let me be clear that my silence is not one of "I want this story to go away because it disrupts my world-view" but rather one of me trying to figure out what I really want to say on the matter. That I want to write something is not in doubt. The question is... what?

Also, this is more I-66's metier, but that USWNT-Iceland game was great fun to watch. Wow. I'll let someone else recap it, but let me say that, if anything, the Women's National Team is somewhat more cohesive since the departure of Mia Hamm than it was with her. Yes, Abby scored both goals, but the workrate of everyone (other than Hope Solo, who had nothing to do except save a PK, which is a damn difficult thing to do to a keeper) was pretty impressive.

So, until we get to all of that, join with Secondhand Sun, RSL Blog, Quarter Volley, and the DCenters, and do your part to make America Beautiful:


At 11 October, 2006 16:20, Blogger Brian said...

At your request, I voted for Bozilla as well.

At 11 October, 2006 16:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I made my inagural and probably sole visit to the Cosmo website to vote for the Boz who has a special place in this fan's heart since he ran all the way down the line to shake my hand at RFK after I'd been rained on for an hour. Go Boz.

At 12 October, 2006 10:53, Anonymous DCUINCT said...

As far as the attendance figures go, I'm more interested in the extent to which it indicates the health and prospects of the league compared to 10 years ago. I think more people are seeing games and more people are paying, both on a per game basis and overall (more teams and more games). I'm more concerned with not stagnating than always trying to compare our sport to hockey, baseball, basketball etc.


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