20 October 2006

Where are my pants?

Since other, more reputable undergound websites may not pay attention and give us our due, I will do my best. Here's what others are saying about the playoffs, and I'll leave space in case Kinney or Oscar want to drop in with a predition, and as I see more thoughts, I'll try and update them here:

DC United (E1) v. New York Red Bulls (E4)
The Offside: DC United
My Very Brain: DC United
Quarter Volley: DC United (At least, the first leg)
An American's View: DC United (Again, the first leg)
The DCenters - D: DC United... If there is one team we can play well enough to beat, it should be this one.
The DCenters - Kinney:
The DCenters - Oscar

New England Revolution (E2) v. Chicago Fire (E3)
The Offside: Chicago Fire
My Very Brain: New England
The DCenters - D: Chicago Fire... It could be a close affair, and I feel the most uneasy about tihs pick. In fact, I'm picking against my gut here, since I want to say New England, but they have disappointed me so often when I've watched them that I feel like I can't give it to them despite the talent they have.
The DCenters - Kinney:
The DCenters - Oscar:

FC Dallas (W1) v. Colorado Rapids (W4)
The Offside: FC Dallas
My Very Brain: FC Dallas
The DCenters - D: FC Dallas...I wouldn't be surprised to see Kenny Cooper falter a bit, but Carlos Ruiz can carry this team by himself against the Rapids.
The DCenters - Kinney:
The DCenters - Oscar:

Houston Dynamo (W2) v. CD Chivas USA (W3)
The Offside: Houston Dynamo
My Very Brain: Houston Dynamo
The DCenters - D: Houston Dynamo... Chivas' Bradley is a legitimate coach of the year candidate, and Bornstein is a lock for RoY, but the overall talent on Houston is much deeper.
The DCenters - Kinney:
The DCenters - Oscar: