04 October 2006

Widen the Net

My thanks to Evan and The Manly Ferry. Evan has indicated that LA Galaxy related topics can be found his Soccer Thoughts and over at James and the Giant Blog, and The Manly Ferry has agreed, in a manly way, to adopt the New England Revolution over at My Very Brain (his announcement is here.) Thank you gentlemen. I've also added Hunt Park Insider for the Crew, letting MLS News and Views serve the MLS community as a whole.

That still leaves the following teams without patrons except for their Matchnight representation: CD Chivas USA, Chicago Fire, Colorado Rapids, FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo, Kansas City Wizards, and Toronto FC. Maybe they're out there, and I'm missing them. And I know that there are a few Fire fans that blog, but they seem to have wider intrests than providing a focus on their team (Footcer and Climbing the Ladder). So C'mon kids. Let's get it together.


At 04 October, 2006 10:35, Blogger D said...

I suppose I could move Soccer y Futbol to the Dynamo... Well, maybe.

At 04 October, 2006 11:31, Anonymous Evan said...

Thanks for the notice--I'll try to blog more on the Galaxy now.

This really is something that should be done, so good work in getting the call out.

At 12 October, 2006 11:00, Blogger Crew Fan said...

Yes, I blog on MLS (and US soccer) as a whole, though with an obvious bias towards Columbus. If I wanted to be a Columbus-specific blog, I'd change the name. So yes, I agree with your choice.


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