09 November 2006

On that Freddy / ManU thing

Quick take: There's a difference between "training with" and "on trial with." I have no doubt that Steve Goff's story is 100% accurate in what he wrote: "Those familiar with the arrangement stressed that it is not a tryout and Adu will return to Washington upon its completion." See, but it has been interpreted as "Freddy on trial with ManU" which ManU can deny.

So what do I expect? Unless this media attention has destroyed it, Freddy will travel to England and train with Manchester United for a week or two. Then he'll come back to the US. ManU will not make a transfer move with Freddy while he's there.

But, that being said, it's ridiculous to think they won't be looking at him, perhaps with ideas for the future. Nothing immediate, and nothing major, but they'd be stupid not to look at everyone that trains with them. I still would be surprised if, in a year, they made a move for him, but I've been surprised before.


At 09 November, 2006 10:08, Anonymous dcuinct said...

Give Feddy credit for learning a little tact in the past year or so. Despite the last playoff game and his overall impression with Nowak he was smart enough to say that he'd like to be back, which is what will happen, probably with a new coach that can help him grow to the next level.

At 09 November, 2006 10:40, Anonymous Jason said...

Sky Sports is now saying that it is a trial and that a move could be made in January. The link is here: http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hlid=427732&CPID=8&clid=1&lid=2&title=United+confirm+Adu+arrival

"Adu turns 18 next June and would therefore be eligible to move to Europe ahead of next season, but United may look to wrap up a deal as soon as possible."

At 09 November, 2006 12:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it would be a smart move for every one involved. I think the league and United could do with the cash, Freddy could be happy and develop into a player that could help give the US more exposure and develop into a great threat for the national team and really it's not a matter of if he goes to Europe but when and if there is a window in the winter and Man U or any other interested Euro team can hook him (he's probably a bargin right now too, compared to if he develops in the US and his value goes up) he'll probably go

At 09 November, 2006 12:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

word is that Chelsea wants to make a move by January, so if Man U wants Adu then they'll have to make up their minds alot faster than a year.

At 09 November, 2006 12:41, Blogger D said...

DCUinCT: Freddy has handled the media much better than ever before this year. Very true.

Jason: Yes, but... why? Does anyone think Freddy would even dress after a few months with ManU?

Anon 1: I think a training session is a great idea, and DCU has handled it well. We all know Freddy will go to Europe eventually, and if this helps him (even if he comes back to DCU he'll know we're not holding him back).

Anon 2: Source?

At 10 November, 2006 12:25, Anonymous Nick said...

Unlike Novak, a good coach would know exactly what to do with Freddy: assign him no responsibilities and let him do what he wants on the field. Under such circumstances, I could definitely see Freddy suiting up for a big team. However, if Freddy will be forced into a "system", I don't see him suiting up anytime soon...

At 15 November, 2006 04:40, Anonymous Martin Butcher said...

DOn't think it will come to anything. English football is way more physical, and much higher paced than MLS. Adu shows some very good technique on the ball, but he is still physically weak and his positional play is horrible. Even watching him in the friendly aginst Chelsea in 05, it was obvious he couldn't play well against an English team. If ManUre sign him, he'll most likely flop.


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