14 November 2006

Toronto FC Expansion Draft

The expansion Toronto FC will get its pick of these players this Friday. Teams were allowed to protect 11 of their 28 players and can only lose one player. Here is the unprotected list for DC United.

Carroll, Jeff
Deroux, Stephen
Donnet, Matias
Dyachenko, Rod
McIntosh, Ryan (GK)
McTavish, Devon
Mediate, Domenic
Metcalf, Andy
Moose, Justin
Nickell, Matthew
Prideaux, Brandon
Rimando, Nick (GK)
Simms, Clyde
Ssejjemba, Robert
Stokes, David
Walker, Jamil
Wilson, John

If I was Mo I would take Simms. The loss of Simms could be devastating to United's midfield and defensive cohesion if Alemannia Aachen also decides to sign Brian Carroll who is currently on trial there. Maybe Kevin Payne worked something out with Mo, possibly they have agreed that Toronto is after Rimando. I can hope, can't I?


At 15 November, 2006 02:05, Anonymous Matt said...

Toronto would be crazy to pick Rimando. yes, he's one of the top 12 keepers in the MLS right now...and I believe that Onstad or another good Canadian keeper is out there.

Sutton? Lars...whatever his name is that backed up Keller in Tottenham???

There has to be a couple of Canadian keepers that are solid.

I really hope that we don't lose Simms......assuming that we lose Carrol of course.

Just as long as they don't raid the Dyanmo....DC and Hou are gonna kick ass in Concacef!!!

At 15 November, 2006 10:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't my breath about kicking ass in the Concacaf... if many of these possible moves go through then DC will have to do some major roster reconstruction in the next few weeks before Concacaf training begins. I expect to see a United side without: B.Carroll, Simms, Rimando (due to a trade), possibly Moreno (he has hinted at the idea of retiring, you can't count this out), Ssejembe (the team hinted at letting him go before we've even seen him), Stokes (this is hilarious, but good for him), and of course Adu (I really think that Man U, and Chelsea aren't fucking around and they will make serious moves to sign him before January). I'm just worrired that by Concacaf time we will not have madethe nessecary moves to field a competitive, and cohesive team. The forward, and midfield situation is a real problem, and if DC is to do well next year then it will have to adressed this before Febuary. I honestly think the main reasoning behind KP's declaration of unequivicibly (I can't spell) wanting to sign Nowak back is purly out of caution, and fear of rippling the water anymore than already will be due to these possible personel changes. If we had a normal offseason schedule, I really do feel we would be seeing another coach at the helm come MLS time.

Bright side is half of these moves may not happen and we maybe be fine, but I'm not holding my breath.

At 15 November, 2006 13:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any worry about losing Matias Donnet? He might have more potential and certainly has more pedigree than anyone else on the list...

At 15 November, 2006 14:03, Blogger Kinney said...

In Goff's chat today he says that Donnet may very well be going back to Argentina. Apparently his contract figures for next year (if he is re-signed) are very high. I doubt that Toronto will pick him up because of this and according to Goff United may not re-sign him.

At 16 November, 2006 12:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has Clyde Simms actually done in his time with United? Think about that question and then reconsider how much of a loss he really would be...


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