20 December 2006

Fair Warning

The next day or so I'll probably not be able to add as much as I would like to the DC United coverage. Sorry. If this were part of my job, things would be different, though even then I wonder if I could cover the team as wonderfully as some. Anyways, things are busy here, but I do hope that by Friday (or even perhaps tomorrow, but unlikely) I'll be free to speak up again.

UPDATE!!! Well, that plan apparently is out the window. The Dawg pointed out in the comments that there is a DC Press Conference tomorrow. DCU's website is also trumpeting it. What is it on? Here are my totally uninformed odds:

  1. DC United Sold to Investors - 4:1... You'd think they'd pull out Don Garber for that one.
  2. Nowak or Soehn leaving the team? - 7:2 Unlikely that Soehn leaving, as important as it is, would play as a major press conference. Nowak would be a surpsie, but the tea leaves are so confusing on that matter.
  3. Major Stadium announcement? - 8:1 Almost anything to do with the stadium would be a major announcement, and keep everyone hopeful. Still, you'd think ownership would have to get settled first, unless AEG's rights the stadium trump the ownership card.
  4. Player Acquisition? - 2:1 I can imagine that a significant signing would warrant big play, although I'd imagine they'd want to make Nowak available for comments.
Okay everyone... feel free to speculate and go crazy.

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At 20 December, 2006 16:12, Blogger maradawga said...

I'm sorry, my friend, that's not going to be an option for you.

PC for D.C. tomorrow at 11am.

At 20 December, 2006 16:25, Blogger D said...

Oh really? You're right. I'm going to have to cover this if it is what I think it is.

At 20 December, 2006 16:53, Blogger Oscar M. said...

3:1 - Nowak and Front Office have agreed on terms to keep him with the team.

At 20 December, 2006 17:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dad iz teh starting centrle defendr for DC United and he sez WE SIGHED DAVED BECKEM AND LOOIS FIGO!!!


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