20 December 2006


Tommy can you hear me?

Stunning. The Washington Post is reporting that tomorrow's press conference will be to announce Piotr Nowak is leaving DC United to become a USMNT assistant coach for Bob Bradley, and Tom Soehn will be getting the keys to the car. This jives with what we were getting little bits of information on earlier.

Expect everyone to weigh in on this one. But in the meantime: Good luck Piotr, The DCenters respects your tenure here. Perhaps the finest thing we can say when someone leaves is "He was a good coach." You certainly were.

And welcome Mr. Soehn. Good luck to you as well. You've had the training and experience, and I'm interested to see what you can do with the team. It's nice to keep it in-house. Given a choice of pretty much anyone out there as a candidate for a head coaching vacancy, you are the one I feel the most comfortable with. Be your own man, and I'm sure things will work out. If it had to happen, I'm glad it is you that we're looking at.

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At 20 December, 2006 19:44, Anonymous timmyc said...

I'm surprised. I figured with Adu gone and the recent comments from Payne that Novak would get a new contract. Thanks to Nowak for the supporters shield and an mls cup. I'm hoping Soehn can build off of what Nowak accomplished.

At 20 December, 2006 20:00, Anonymous Matt said...

D...I know nothing about Soehn..is he any good?

Man...(insert f word)....i'm shocked and very dissapointed.

And....let's move forward.

Can we get a post or links to info on the new post

At 20 December, 2006 21:13, Blogger rwhgeek said...

I like Nowak for the simple reason he expected his players to be professional in every aspect of the game both on and off the field. I know nothing of Soehn the only thing I know for sure is I will be in the stands opening day with the same stupid optimism that I greet every opening day.

I do think Nowak will bring some needed hardness to the USMNT and would be curious to see him interact with Landycakes. I can't see those two getting along.

At 21 December, 2006 02:25, Anonymous jeremy said...

i'm surprised that Nowak would leave a pretty high-profile head coaching position to be an assistant under another coach, especially another coach who is only provisionally employed. Nowak and Bradley must have really clicked while with the Fire.

despite his previous association with Metro, i have a pretty high opinion of Bradley and i hope the USSF gives him a fair chance to succeed. i'll be rooting for both Bradley and Nowak to be on the sidelines in South Africa.

At 21 December, 2006 06:06, Anonymous Nick said...

I´m very pleased Novak is gone. Though Soehn doesn´t thrill me in the least, Novak is responsible for Freddy leaving town (what is it with DC always dumping our most marketable players, you would have thought after the RDA blowback we would be smarter than that?), and is also responsible for driving the players into the ground two years in a row. I´m greatful for some of the good results we had during his tenure in the same way that i´m greatful to Steve Sampson for that great result in Copa America 95 and for managing to qualify for World Cup 98. Basically, good riddance. Here´s hoping we actually show up for this year´s champions cup when we have to go down to Mexico and play chivas, and that Nick Van Sicklen won´t get the start...

At 21 December, 2006 06:09, Blogger DCNats said...

D... does Nowak's decision make any sense to you? as Jeremy brought up, this is an assistant coaching job under an interim coach. It seems like a step back rather than a step forward.
Do you think the grumbling from some DCU fans following the playoff disappointment could have factored into his decision? I hope not.

At 21 December, 2006 07:10, Anonymous bdr said...

This way Nowak can see if he likes working for USMNT until summer when Euro teams will be hiring. With MLS schedule, DCU would be in midseason when Euro teams are shopping.

Beyond whatever disputes Nowak and DCU may or not have, Nowak's decision is both good business for and honorable to DCU.

At 21 December, 2006 07:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're all part of Tommy's Army, we're all out to win the league. It will really f--k them up when we win another Cup.

'Cause United is the greatest football team.

At 21 December, 2006 07:14, Anonymous bdr said...

That last sentense should read:

Nowak's decision is both good business for him and honorable to DCU.


At 21 December, 2006 09:26, Anonymous timmyc said...

I don't think fans disappointment about playoff results the last two years had much to do with it. It did sound like Novak was upset that DCU didn't extend his contract during the summer - at least that was what I got from Goff's article in the post. That was my main problem with Nowak - I didn't think he did a good job of managing the fitness levels of the team. Once DCU finished the friendlies vs. Celtic and Real Madrid, they were never the same team this past year.

At 21 December, 2006 22:25, Anonymous dcuinCT said...

Soehn looks like almost all the coaches in England. I think he'll do fine. Now lets see who the South American is that they bring up and how they do.

At 04 January, 2007 17:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally know Tom.. Playing college soccer with him for 3 years.. He was our leader and coming from a great Club team in Chicago, knew everything there was to know about soccer.. He played the game hard, he worked off the field hard.. He will bring pride to the DC team, he will not let you down..


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