03 January 2007

This is but one piece.

Steve Goff offers some answers to the questions we posed yesterday.

POTENTIAL SIGNING NEWS: Honestly, I was mildly skeptical (as I said in the comments yesterday) of the Goal.Com reports that United was persuing the Brazilian Ruy [Bueno Neto]. Reports differ on whether Ruy is a right sided midfielder or wingback (or likely a combination of the two). If so, it would mean that United has a found a player for one area of concern (allowing Josh Gros to move to the left midfield or to drop to the back line, and potentially put Donnet on the left as well if he's resigned.) That being said, this seems like it would only be one of a few players that DC would need to sign. An additional midfield player (one who could play in the middle-left areas), and another player up top would seem to be needed. For those that were expecting immediate reassurance after the departures of Adu/Rimando/Eskandarian... this would not answer your questions fully.

THE BRIAN CARROLL ABROAD STORY: I'm not sure what to make of this paragraph in Goff's report:

"Brian would be happy to sign with United, but we just can't get their attention," agent Craig Sharon said. "They've said they want him back, but there's nothing on the table."

Kasper countered by saying an offer was, in fact, presented before Christmas and "we're awaiting a response."

Now, before combining this statement with Eskandarian's complaint that he wasn't notified about his trade, and then jumping all over the DC front office for poor player management, let's offer an alternative reading. It seems to me entirely possible that United made an offer, one that was pretty low (consider that Sharon's other clients include Taylor Twellman and [see comments] Clint Mathis). So Sharon looks at this offer, concludes they aren't serious, and says "come back with something better." DCU, on the other hand, says "we made you an offer." So hold you fire.

NEW ADDITIONS TO DCENTERS: In addition to adding a Toronto FC blog, MLS Underground, and A Funny Old Game to our blogroll, we've added an "undetermined status" tracker for players that may leave or may re-sign with United. Enjoy.

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At 03 January, 2007 10:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI - Craig Sharon no longer represents Taylor Twellman. Taylor signed with Richard Motzkin just before being snubbed to the 2006 WC roster.

At 03 January, 2007 11:28, Blogger D said...

Well spotted. Thanks!


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