04 January 2007

Your Off-season Required Reading

To get everyone ready for the MLS Opening Day ceremonies, I encourage all DC United fans to due their oppo-research: Read the Rapid Man Blog everyday. Seriously. Rapid Man is easily the least homoerotic male anthropomorphic mascot in history. That being said, you can still vote for what you like best about Rapid Man (I picked his "blue body." It should be noted that his body seems to actually be black and blue, probably from being beaten by children so frequently.) You can also "Ask Rapid Man." Perhaps we should have an interview with Talon over here...

I bring this up partially because we've added Down the Byline as a Kansas City Wizards interested blog, and switch back to It's a Simple Game for New England. That leaves us with the Rapids, as well as CD Chivas USA, Chicago Fire, and the Houston Dynamo as the teams for which we really haven't found team specific blogs for yet. Still, 9 of 13 is the best we've seen so far, and much better than the three or four that were around when The DCenters kicked up in 2005.

Colorado fans, this is fair warning: Unless we find a decent Colorado Rapids focused blog in the next few weeks, we may select Rapid Man's site. Enjoy.