12 February 2007

Feed the Fish

CFC-DC-NO SIREE:Reports that DC United has signed a deal with Chelsea to provide developmental arenas, similar to the Arsenal-Rapids and Real-Real deals, seem to have disappeared just as quickly as they appeared. Fine by me. The reports seemed tenuous at best, and the proposed deal didn't seem like one that would be in-line with typical DC United thinking. You can still review a reference at Tribal Football, but it sounded odd to me then, and sounds odder now. "Blossoming college system" indeed.

IN THE THEATRE, THEY DON'T SAY "GOOD LUCK": Weekend reporting was sparse, but we do have Steve Goff's elegant portrayal of the Life of Luciano, which is worth reading. More amusing, but just as important, is John Haydon's identification of the people most likely to break David Beckham's legs. Josh Gros and Bryan Namoff are mentioned as possibilities, as are DCU-alums Dema Kovalenko and Mike Petke. Somewhere a sports book has to be identifying odds on the each of these. Of course, given the practice sessions, perhaps former Galaxy man (and member of Team Petke) Ugo Ihmelhu should have gotten a mention. Domenic Mediate can provide references.

NICKY, YOU'RE STILL FINE: Rimando at RBNY. Sigh. Nick, I love you, but I wish you all the success that Jamie Moreno had there.

There's a lot on my mind for this week. Let's take another look at the DC Masterplan. Let's think about it, shall we?

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At 12 February, 2007 14:07, Anonymous Nick said...

Master plan...

If we sign two studs...Brilliant.
If we don't...no trophies this year. Not so brilliant.


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