07 February 2007

The Games We Play

Ah, the schedule is now up. Hooray. Let's skip past the "highlight games" of Beckham, Esky's return, and Adu, and see what areas of the schedule look rough. It looks like a brutal summer for our boys, as July through September will have six games a piece, and seven in July for any of our all-stars. July's competition looks to be especially difficult with games at Kansas City, at Houston on short rest, FC Dallas at home, the all-star game, at [the expected to be much improved] New York, and the two SuperLiga matches against the Mexican opponents. If we start well, we'll have to weather that stretch. If we don't start well...

Well, fortunately, Quarter Volley looks at the opening three games and feels that five points is the expectation level. That seems fair to me, but I'd be more comfortable with six, given that one of those games is at Columbus.

So, in the spirit of irresponsible blogging, and having looked at the schedule, I prematurely estimate a record of 14-8-8 for 50 points... which will put us second in the conference. Even as I type that, I feel like I'm being overly optimistic, but that's what I think I'm going to calibrate my "definition of success" to. We have an expansion team in our conference, which is nice. We have the Columbus Crew as well. That should be a decent number of points right there, even if we don't get three from every game (and I don't think we will.)

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At 07 February, 2007 11:52, Anonymous Joanna said...

So a whole bunch of teams are designing these marketing strategies around Beckham coming to play against their team, which is great and all but... what are these yahoos going to do if he gets injured? or sick? or... something? I can't wait. "Come see Beckham!"

"Oops. Nevermind about the Beckham bit, but. No takebacks!"

At 07 February, 2007 12:16, Blogger Matt Matros said...

Toronto won't be a pushover. With Buddle and Esky up top, and O'Brien, Robinson, Cancela and Nagamura in the midfield, their attack should be pretty strong. Their backline doesn't look very impressive, but Mo knows what he's doing and I think he'll make something work. I think Toronto is a middle-of-the-road Eastern conference team right now.

At 08 February, 2007 02:52, Anonymous Nick said...

I'm sorry I have to disagree, but up until the Connor Casey signing, I saw Toronto being bad like Real Salt Lake '05 bad. With Casey on board, I think they could eek out 6 wins and 6 draws, but nothing more. Top to bottom, there roster is plain awful, and I question what if Mo has any real "plan" at all for this team or if he's just wingin' it like he did in NY.
I also like DC for 14 wins this year. We should be good for 11 out of 15 at home and 3 on the road. However, I think that will be enough for first place, as the East is very weak this year (unless KC and Columbus bring in some serious talent before season starts). I think DC will win, followed up by Chicago and NY. Should be a good year, but not a GREAT year...


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