16 February 2007

GRoK Rock

First, thanks to everyone for chiming in as I had a crisis of faith yesterday. Matchnight's sudden closing just had eerie echoes of some of my own thoughts, so it kinda got to me a bit more than it should have. I appreciate everyone's kind words, and look to continue giving you the best I can. Okay, enough sentimentality, onto the important stuff:

BANK! The big news is Troy Perkins gets Paid. It says something about this league that fundamentally I judge salaries in comparison to my own. It is a just world where the 2006 MLS Keeper of the Year makes more money than I do, and an unjust world if he doesn't. I pretty much apply that rule to most things MLS. For instance, it is an unjust world in which first year players make less money than I did my first year out of college. For one thing, I didn't make a hell of a lot, so for them to be paid worse seems ridiculous. I find that this self-centered rule of thumb works well. It certainly makes me more inclined to cut Jay Needham some slack. I know there are those who think this is a mistake. It's certainly a mistake if you think this is a long-term ability growth move. But Needham struck me as a smart guy when talking with him, and a year as a starter in USL will get him more visibility, and a better paycheck, than a year as an MLS reserve defender. If he's still in the USL a year from now, it probably is a gamble that didn't pay off, simply because the ceiling of what he can achieve is so much lower. But as a move for one year, I can't blame the guy.

KPENE SAVED, KPENE EARNED: I'm not sure what to make of this, but check out the four last comments on our admittedly brief comments on the supplemental draft. For whatever reason, Guy-Roland Kpene has a bunch of people chiming in to talk about how good he is. I can't say why, but it is interesting. It seems like friends of Kpene really want DC United to give this kid a chance, and if putting in a series of comments on a fan blog helps them do that, then by all means. As such, we are officially dubbing Guy-Roland Kpene the "DCenters Official Supplemental Hopeful of the Year." Plus, you should really check out the link from that "City" commenter. Brilliant, in a strange sort of way.

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At 17 February, 2007 19:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So should Needham be crossed off the hello list? Or put on the goodbye list? And Kpene added on to the hello? Or do you have to make the roster first?



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