30 March 2007

The Fan Guide Project: Fundamental Progress...

Okay, we're up to 17 contributors to the DC United Guide for New Fans (title temporary, and suggestions will be accepted.) At this time, all of the articles that will go in the first version of this document have at least some text associated with them. That's good, but some articles are in better shape than others. Here are some key needs:

  1. The Quiet Side: We need someone to talk about the enjoyment (and yes, there is enjoyment) of watching a game on the quiet side. For the "Buying Tickets - Locations" section.
  2. Opponent Bios: Some good stuff here (Especially the person who wrote Chicago) but we need New England and Kansas City to have something written for them, and I feel like all of them could be touched up just a bit. Article is here.
  3. Food: We'll probably have to be a bit more diplomatic here. But the information is mostly there, provided someone knows where to get Guiness (and if Red Hot and Blue is open). Also the tailgaiting section should be expanded. Here's a link to Food.

If we can do that, then the first major section of the guide will be in pretty good shape, and we can focus on the three remaining sections. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed, and to those of you who are helping find people to contribute (HT to BigSoccer, Who Ate All the Cupcakes?, and My Soccer Blog

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At 31 March, 2007 18:57, Blogger Kinney said...

I think DCU upped parking this year. Can anyone check that? Isn't it like $12 now instead of $10.

At 31 March, 2007 20:52, Anonymous seahawkdad said...

Although I have abandoned the quiet side for La Barra Brava (excepting games that my wife wants to go to), three warning's about buying tickets on the quiet side:

1) Do not buy tickets in the top rows of the 200 sections. You will be directly below the speakers that are mounted on the underside of the upper deck lip, and will literally have to cover your ears to protect them from those speakers. It is very painful. My wife and I had half-season passes there and finally brought ear protectors. We did not renew.

2) Do not buy tickets in the upper rows of the 300 sections. The upper deck will restrict your view of any balls higher than 25 feet above the pitch and you won't be able to see the jumbotron.

3) Do not buy mid-field tickets in the lowest rows of the 100 sections on a rainy game day. The rain shields over the benches will restrict your view of play.

Kinney, parking is still $10.

At 31 March, 2007 20:55, Anonymous seahawkdad said...

Kinney, a clarification.

Parking was $10 for the Chivas game. I do not know what it will be come the new season.


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