28 March 2007

Danger Man

There's going to be a neat update later today on the Fan Guide project we talked about yesterday, but first some DCU related stories to read while the team prepares in Mexico....

WIN FIRST, THEN WIN STYLISH: Ian Penderleith with an interesting column on stylish soccer, and what it takes to play attractive soccer in MLS. I think this is a fascinating column, because I am of two different minds about this. If you are a team with a tradition of winning and performing well, then I do expect you to start playing more attacking and stylish soccer. However, if you don't have results or a history of getting points, then I can't really demand you move away from a bunker/counter mentality. Think of the first year of CD Chivas USA, when they played attacking soccer, but played it so badly they got trounced. Then Bob Bradley refocused the team, changed their mentality, and they got results. Now I would hope that once they've felt comfortable with getting results they start to go back to more attacking soccer. I love the 4-3-3, and would like to see it more.

PATRICK MCGOOHAN WILL TAKE THE LEAD ROLE IN "CHRISTIAN GOMEZ: THE MOVIE": Sideline Views finds that the Mexican media is giving Christian Gomez an interesting nickname (HT: DuNord).

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At 28 March, 2007 10:32, Anonymous Christian said...

Danger is my middle name.


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