01 March 2007

Gentlemen! There's no fighting here...

It's nice to see that when it comes to insecurity on blogging the DC United beat, I'm not always alone:

I introduced her to Ben Olsen after practice and explained that she was following me around to learn the tenets of journalism. "Really?" Olsen said. "Oh my gosh. Poor soul. This is not normal journalism, you know that, right? You might want to go with this guy," he continued, pointing to Steve Goff, as angels chirped around the halo above Goff's head.

Now boys, there's no need to fight. Here's how an impartial arbiter will help you share the DC United beat, and sharing is caring. Goff's Soccer Insider is the blog we all need to read to follow DC United, but The Bog is the coverage we want to read.

See, everyone can get along now.

Match preview for tonight in a few hours.

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