22 March 2007


We've updated the blogroll, and want to give a special welcome to the new additions and tell you to check them out. As is our want, a special call-out to DC United focused Ben Olsen's Beard, which is just a fabulous name for a blog, especially in some of the more fabulous interpretations. Although, I wonder how they feel every time he shaves it. It's kinda like Bruce's Belly if they found out Arena had just entered NutriSystem.

Also, if you've been in contact with me about a link, and don't see one, feel free to send another email and pester me.

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At 22 March, 2007 23:42, Anonymous Dave Lifton said...

It's a shame Ben shaved it off the other day...

At 23 March, 2007 09:59, Blogger b.o.b. said...

What will we do when he shaves it off?

Well, let me just say this: Ben Olsen's Beard (the blog and the follicle formation) is irrepressible. Not even Benny himself can tame it!


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