16 April 2007

Even in Obscenity Filled Chanting, There is Such a Thing as Common Courtesy

I don't often criticize the United supporters. So it is with some reluctance I do so now. Kids, when Mayor Fenty was talking during the pregame, it was childish and petulant to start a "Where's our stadium?" chant. If it had been Anthony Williams, I would have been okay with it. Williams by 2006 opening day had a record of promising stadium deals and then disappearing for a year. Fenty does not, and he should have been accorded something other than what he got from the Barra and the Eagles. Personally, I fall in the "people deserve respect until they prove otherwise" camp, and Fenty still deserved some manners.

That being said, the Ballou High School Senior Knights Marching Band put in a good performance, and I kinda dug people in the stands drumming along with 'em.

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At 17 April, 2007 01:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, it got under my skin alittle also. Fenty deserves more respect than we as fans gave him.


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