14 April 2007

Match Briefing for 12.02: Kansas City Wizards

Match #: 12.02

Kansas City Wizards
0pts, 0GF, 0GA, 0GD
4th place Eastern Conference
10th place MLS

Six Word Novel Preview: If you have control, you win.

TV: Fox Soccer Channel, 7:30PM (ET)

Radio: WMET 1160AM

Previous Meeting: First meeting of season

The Stakes: Two rookie head coaches with different things on the line. Tom Soehn isn't facing a must-win, but a failure to take three points may start some whispering. United looked much too vulnerable in their opener on the road, no matter how many reasons there were for it. Curt Onalfo is still getting a handle on his squad and may be thinking of how he'll eventually fit a new acquisition into the lineup after this game.

Previews from the DCUniverse: QuarterVolley, An American's View..., Ben Olsen's Beard,

The DCenter Team's Location: D - At Game. Kinney - TBD. Oscar - TBD.

Expectations: United has been saying all the right things. I want three points, and a strong, dominating performance. Coasting with a win is not going to make things better.

What to look for? Signing Marnelli signals that Kansas City was well-aware of their biggest problem: A lack of playmaking. There's talent up top other than Eddie Johnson, and any MLS defense plays better than its parts when one part is Jimmy Conrad.

The big thing I want to see is crisp passing. Simple passes are fine, provided they aren't to the opposition. United has had time enough to figure out how their team members will move, now show me the possession . I also don't want to see everything running the same direction through the midfield. Luciano is not your only option up top.

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