24 April 2007

Tributes and Trials

Your morning news summary...

DC UNITED MAROON JERSEY: United will be wearing maroon jerseys in support of Virginia Tech on Saturday, the first game United has played since the shootings. United announced they will then sell the jerseys with all proceeds donated to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund.

I PASS, LIKE NIGHT, FROM LAND TO LAND: A sad story on the demise of USL's Virginia Beach Mariners.

ON CRITICISM: Aaron Stollar responds, noting some of the things we said.

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At 25 April, 2007 00:24, Blogger Sean said...

Stollar is of course right that fans have every right to criticize their team; everyone has a right to criticize just about everyone.

Where I think he veers off is the ode to the Fan as an Instrument of Change against the Large Corporate System. The beat writers will write, the PR machine can't cover a bad team. It's awesome to think that the fans are going to be the Last Line of Defense against a bad team, the loyal opposition that will turn things about, but I just don't think it's so.

I'm not saying that a club should ignore the fans; the fans fill seats. But at the same time, I don't want my club run by a BigSoccer thread. The fans are supporters and critics, but they shouldn't get much more weight than anyone else in the general public when it comes to strategy, tactics, and the rest. When it comes how to treat fans? Sure. But just because you're a raving DCU supporter doesn't mean you know how to run a team better than the Front Office.

In other words, fan criticism lives and dies on its merits, not just because it's coming from fans.


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