02 May 2007

What to do on New England Eve

I can't think of a time when I've ever dreaded seeing two DC United games within four days. I still can't, but I won't say that I'm sanguine about the prospect. Even though I imagine we'll get the some points from the the next games, the idea of being winless after five games is... terrifying. Here's some stuff to think about while we await Thursday's nationally televised game.

MAROON JERSEY AUCTION: Steve Goff says that the owners of DC United will match all winning bids for the VT tribute jerseys worn last Saturday. A very classy move from the ownership. I don't want to get into a self-congratulatory mood on such things, but DC United had made the token gesture with the jersey auction itself. This is just pure class on top of that fact. Sure, three bills may be steep for that winning bid, and I don't have that kind of income floating around, but I hope at least one of you does. If I did, I could think of no better use right now. Go bid, if you can. Hey, Jay Nolly's keeper jersey is still available for only about a $270 bid. We like Jay Nolly. He talks to us.

STORIES OF QUIET DESPERATION: Steve Goff in the Post on United's troubles. Key quote: "Tactically, United is not fooling anyone. Without effective flank play, United has concentrated its attack in the middle of the field and faced a crowded path." Question (partially inspired from the folks at United Mania): has Gomez and the team really tried much flank play? Yeah, I don't see it much either. Also, MLSNet flak-catcher Dave Lifton on Soehn attempting to rally the troops. Key graf:

"The sign of a good team is not when you're winning and everything is great," Simpson said. "It's when things aren't going well, and how you rebound from everything tells you a lot about your character and what kind of a teammate you are.
You'll hear fans apply this lesson to ourselves during a rough period. Sing when you're losing and all that... I also vow that it applies to this blog. We will not go silent for long periods only to surface with morose whinings about the unfairness of life and the Alternative Minimum Tax. No sir. If, god forbid, this season is goes down in flames, then I vow to chronicle it with all the energy, passion, and humor I can. Although I may end up being more pissed and annoyed than I would prefer. Still, dedication is the watchword. We will be here, and we will be loud.

IF YELLOW JOURNALISM IS ALSO LAZY, WOULD IT ONLY BE GREEN JOURNALISM? ECRU JOURNALISM? Arthur Delaney in TheHill.Com takes a random shot at Victor McFarlane (second story in this link, so scroll down) because he knows a guy who was upset with Jack Kent Cooke. No attempt to talk about the facts regarding the Poplar Point deal, just a sense that all sports team owners are money grubbing bastards unless they're Abe Polin. No, I have no idea what the logic is here.

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