20 June 2007

Espresso Links

Some quick news, because again I'm having thoughts and would like to write posts on those thoughts so I can share them with you in a premature and haphazard way. That's how I roll:

CONGRATULATIONS LUCIANO EMILIO: Luciano Emilio is your MLS Player of the Week, which gives United back-to-back holds on that honor. I'm happy to see him get it, simply because there was always a little wonder about whether he could make transition to MLS after dominating the Hondurans. We thought he could, and then we didn't see much. Nice to see him now getting it on track.

RESERVES DOWNED IN RICHMOND: The Richmond Kickers weren't intimidated by the DC United Reserve team. In fact, they felt comfortable enough to rest some of their own starters, and still took a 3-2 win over United's reserves. Marc Burch saw some time (and picked up a yellow and a goal) while Justin Moose scored the other goal. Jay Nolly and Shawn Crowe split the keeping duties.

COPA AMERICA WATCH: Steve Goff reports that United has been informed that defenders Bobby Boswell and Bryan Namoff, midfielder Ben Olsen, and keeper Troy Perkins could all be up for selection to Bob Bradley's Copa America squad. Goff then adds "The feeling around RFK Stadium is that Olsen and Boswell will be selected." All four would be disastrous for the next several games, just Boswell and Olsen (in combination to the already departed Moreno) would be challenging, but doable.

DAVE LIFTON, UNCHAINED: So it's now Around the League in 90 minutes, and it's a 120 minute show (with apparently 30 minutes of commercials is how I suppose the math works). Our Dave Lifton appears around the 1:05:00 mark, and promptly calls the esteemed hosts on a bit of conspiratorial nonsense regarding LA. Excellent. The show is certainly more listenable with a bit more time for analysis, although I could have done without the "look, someone from our message boards that won't support an MLS team... who should she pick?" No reason to make the callers prostitute themselves for a fan. Class will shine through ultimately, and words will matter little. However, that did lead to ridiculous quote from Pete that "Chivas have a great history" in MLS. Pete, Chivas USA does not equal Chivas Guadalajara. For one thing, Chivas Guadalajara can beat DC United occasionally.

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At 20 June, 2007 16:10, Anonymous Dave Lifton said...

I kind of like the chains, actually. I was going for the Isaac Hayes circa 1972 look. I think it fits.


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