19 June 2007

Coffee and Soccer, 19 June 2007

Today is one of those days where I actually have a few things to talk about, and we also have a new edition of The Freezer coming out later. But first, a few links of interest before I start blathering:

RICHMOND, POOR SQUAD: The Richmond Times-Dispatch wonders if United will be playing their first string in today's friendly. Now, nothing against those in Richmond, but I hope not. A few spot moments here and there, perhaps. Kpene should make a showing. Dyachenko. But even Bryan Arguez who gets a mention in the article is, I think, at U-20 World Cup camp. It's not that I really feel like Richmond doesn't deserve our first squad, it's just that now isn't the time I'd like to see them out there. Still, there's plenty for Richmond to look at. Addlery is getting first team minutes, there's Moose, there's even the potential for Mira Mupier. Hey, that'd be enough to interest me in the game.

YOUTH BEING SERVED: Not United related, but Ives Galarcep is running a series on the Red Bulls' Youth Academy. It's something I think we're all interested in. I don't think United will suddenly turn into West Ham from a decade ago, but it's still worth watching. It's something we're trying to understand more about from United's perspective as well.

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At 19 June, 2007 11:04, Anonymous Dave Lifton said...

Don't worry. It's the reserves that are going down there.

At 19 June, 2007 11:47, Anonymous Basil said...

Richmond's gonna kick your ass, buddy!

At 19 June, 2007 11:54, Blogger D said...

Ah, Basil, it would be something to see... maybe a US Open Cup draw will throw them together in Round 3. Of course, that'll still be our reserves, but at least they'd be playing something other than a friendly.

At 19 June, 2007 12:28, Anonymous Basil said...

Kickers used to have an ex-MLSer, Rob Ukrop. Scored the first goal in the history of the Boston/New England Whatevers.


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