29 June 2007

Know Your Beat Writers

Adam Spangler sits down with Steve Goff to know the man who knows the team. Good, far reaching interview with tons of history and insight. And there's also this:

Yeah. They will always be #1, no matter what time of year. But for us to quadruple the blog #’s for the Washington Wizards, to quadruple the blog #’s for the Capitals. We’re quadrupling the #’s for the Nationals.
The Post's Washington Nationals beat writer Barry Svrluga has gotten the reputation from places like Poynter's Medianews as a hardworking sports journalist for covering the Nats in both blog and print form. Perhaps credit will also come to his deserving compatriots as well.

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At 29 June, 2007 14:54, Blogger Kinney said...

This was a very good interview. I have enjoyed this series that Adam has been doing.


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