26 June 2007

Quick note

I'm working on the Freezer with Kinny and Oscar. I'm still upset about Saturday. I would like see Domenic Mediate back. I'm a sap. Interesting comments the past few days, but I can't imagine I can just post something and say "Open Thread". Seems like a cop-out to me. Sure, others can do that, but it just doesn't sit right with me. I feel like I should say something. Hmmmm.. how about this? I think he's wrong, but it's a decent argument. I disagree with the idea that Boz has taken the edge off his game. I do agree that consistency is a problem. It's not that he coasts every game, or even a majority of them. But there were a few games, back in the start of the season, and most recently against Salt Lake where it seemed that way. But I thought he had very good games against Houston, New York (yes, even with the card) and New England. It's a consistency thing, something that I would have expected more of a problem in the first two seasons than now, but that's how I see it.

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At 26 June, 2007 12:35, Anonymous bdr said...

I don't question his effort or heart at all. I think both are honorable. He's just not playing well.

Speaking only for myself, maybe I wanted so badly to see in him the second coming of Ryan Nelsen I probably thought him better than he actually is.

Teams have discovered that running at him creates running by him.

It also brings back the question of Nowak v Soehn. Maybe Nowak is just better at protecting players against their weaknesses than Soehn. I don't remember Boswell, in Nowak's 3-5-2, being out on a island nearly as much as he's been in Soehn's 4-4-2.


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