12 June 2007

We all Love Benny, Oh Yes We Do...

Your MLS Player of the Week is Ben Olsen. He should also get Goal of the Week, but is currently barely edging out Stuart Holden's goal with Houston. Stuart's goal is nicely executed, but Ben's has the higher degree of difficulty due to the distance, the fact that he was taking it off the bounce on the volley, and the fact that it signified the pinnacle of a brilliant performance. I'm not one to call out for votes for a player just because they wear black. You know that. But if Ben deserves this honor to complete the set. Seriously. Go vote. I have, and for this I would even consider stuffing the ballot.

Sorry I'm late to the world today, had some appointments in the morning. New Freezer later today.



At 13 June, 2007 20:35, Blogger John said...

Oh Yes, a double for benny!



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